What is it about?
When you follow the lectures and participate in a virtual dragon den pitch in which you present a business idea, the course will provide you with a certificate of participation. In setting up your imaginary startup, you should use the insights from the course. In the last week of the course, we will open the opportunity to present your work online (laptop or mobile) in front of a virtual dragon (you will like this). These virtual dragons will ask you questions that you need to answer in approximately one minute for each question (see the questions for preparation below). If you don't like your answer, you can evaluate it and redo it until it is perfect. After you have handed in your pitch, it will be evaluated and comments will be provided. In the second week of the course, we will upload the coaching video that provides leads on structuring the answers to the questions below.
Preparation questions (you should answer each within one minute)
1. Describe your persona, the typical person that will buy or endorse your product or service. As an ultimate goal, when you describe this person, we should see him or her in front of us. Also, explain what problem you are solving for this person. Lastly, explain what the market segment refers to that this person is representing.
2. Elaborate on your value proposition where you connect the "jobs to be done" of your persona to what your company will be doing so that job gets done better or more efficiently.
3. What is your secret sauce? Why is your offering better than any other solution in the market?
4. What is the pricing strategy that you will adopt to sell your product and service? Is this pricing strategy creating value in itself for the customer?
5. Concerning your founding team, what are the key capabilities you need to have to provide your value proposition and the connection to those capabilities?
6. What is the financial metric(s) coming from operations that we should keep in mind when we judge your first year of operations?
7. If this is a pitch for a potential investor, what do you ask from that investor? In terms of initial investment, advice, etc. But also, what are you offering?
And think of a nice name for your start-up!
It should be catchy and represent the gist of what your future company will be doing.
How do you submit the assignment?
You have to pitch an idea for a start-up following the guidelines below. When you are working in a group (three people maximum in a group), only one of the group members has to make an account. You can access the assignment as of May 22, 2021. We have sent you an email about this on May 22nd at 14:00 CET.

Step 1: Register at the training tool using this link: When asked for a coach, select Hein Roelfsema

Step 2 (not mandatory): Download the TrainTool app in App Store or Google Play.

Step 3: Login using the app or website and select the course.

Step 4: Prepare using the preparation module. Build and review your pitch following the guidelines. Please take good care of the instructions!

Step 5: When you're happy with your preparation and have done the pitch several times, you can then go live and record your pitch in the handing in the module.

You have until June 10 to complete this process, i.e. the assignment. After that date, it will take us some time to grade it and to present you with your certificate if successful.

Video tutorial

by prof. dr. Hein Roelfsema, the co-creator of the course